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Living Rimbey Senior Living

Centrally situated amongst many lagoons and rivers, Rimbey is an excellent community for senior living. It is at the center of a flourishing mixed agriculture, oil and gas region. Making it an ideal area for fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, hiking and boating. Rimbey is close in proximity to Sylvan Lake, Gull Lake and Pigeon Lake. If you're a nature-lover or photographer, you will enjoy the scenic beauty and array of flora and fauna for hours on end.

The Town of Rimbey is a unique place for one and all; especially seniors who would love to live a peaceful and happy lifestyle in their retirement. The town has a very sound economy and has various services and amenities within the community. Seniors living in this town are extremely warm and affectionate to others who pass by on the street.


Rimbey Main Office:

Phone: 403-843-2376 | Address: 4417 Rimstone Dr, Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0 | Postal Box: PO Box 740, Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0 | Fax:403-843-3564

Rimbey Facilities:

Rimbey Utility Services

The seniors living in Rimbey can benefit from numerous services like water supply, waste management, garbage disposal and recycle facilities.

Rimbey Finance & Taxation

Individuals living in Rimbey can easily obtain small tax discounts by prepaying any amount of property taxes in the months of January and February. Education Property Tax Assistance is also given to senior members from time to time.

Rimbey Recycling, Disposal & Waste

The Town of Rimbey provides recycling, disposal & waste services to promote a better habitat and environment. One that is clean, green and pollution free. Conserving natural resources, reducing energy and conventional waste are the main areas that are mostly focused on by the seniors.

Recreation in Rimbey

The Town of Rimbey offers numerous recreational activities for all ages whatever your personal interests may be. Join in on the various community events and get the most of it. Enjoy community programs or take a stroll in the park with beautiful scenery around every turn.

Rimbey Protective Services

Various protective services are provided to the community to safeguard their livelihoods. Including the West District Fire Department, ambulance services, municipal and bylaw enforcement, animal control, victim services and a municipal emergency plan.

Health Services in Rimbey

Our objective is to create strong relationships with our seniors; taking care of them through thick and thin and ensuring their health needs are fulfilled.

Churches & Places of Worship

In Rimbey, there are plenty of spaces where seniors can perform acts of devotion, veneration, or religious study. View the Town of Rimbey website for a list of Places of Worship.

Rimbey Municipal Library

Among the many assorted groups that libraries serve, seniors continue to be a rising population with unique wants. Municipal libraries are adapting programming and outreach strategies, developing senior-friendly spaces, and implementing adaptive technologies for this group.

Rimbey Family & Community Support Services

Rimbey has the below services to enhance the well-being of seniors and families. To help seniors develop liberty, reinforce coping skills and become more resistant to crisis. To help seniors and communities to assume responsibility for decisions and actions which affect them. Lastly, to help people to develop an awareness of social needs.

Rimbey Community Halls & Associations

There are different community halls and associations for seniors and other community members that mainly serve as platforms to discuss plans/projects and hold events. Contact the Town of Rimbey for more information.

Rimbey Business Directory

The Town of Rimbey has 250 businesses to serve the needs of all community members, including seniors, with a special commitment to personal attention. The local businesses work closely with the Rimbey Chamber of Commerce to help tourism, retail promotions and economic development.