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Rimoka Housing Foundation

Senior Living For The Present And The Future!


About Us

Rimoka Housing Foundation works toward offering a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment for our seniors. Our staff and management endeavor to provide quality senior living facilities and services through our independent and supportive living options in our communities.

Rimoka Housing Foundation believes in building beautiful, sustainable and comfortable living spaces with the future needs of our seniors and communities in mind. Your senior home awaits you.

Our Mission

To provide inclusive housing and services that dynamically respond to the diverse needs of our communities. The Rimoka Housing Foundation is committed to delivering on its mission through five core pillars: Lodges, Independent Apartments, a Life Lease Facility, Low Income Housing, and Rent Subsidy programs, now extending our reach to serve individuals of all ages

Our Vision

As a Foundation for the Future, our vision aligns with our mission to contribute to the well-being of our communities by offering affordable housing solutions for seniors and individuals with low income. We strive to perpetuate the legacy of a 'Foundation for the Future' through ongoing commitment and innovation.