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Serene Living for Communities of All Ages

You deserve to relish the best living experience tailored just for you. Your years of hard work warrant a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. Rimoka Housing Foundation specializes in offering affordable housing solutions designed with adults and seniors in mind.

Discover the joy of living well during this stage of life by choosing a lifestyle that suits your preferences. Our communities provide a peaceful and fulfilling living experience, ensuring that you make the most of every moment in a setting that perfectly aligns with your needs. Welcome to a community where good living is our priority!

Our Facilities & Services

Staying happy and healthy is vital. At Rimoka Housing Foundation we understand that every person is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of options, including low income senior housing facilities, that will make you smile. Rimoka Housing Foundation has evolved into a new step, welcoming individuals of all ages to live together harmoniously. Embracing diversity and vitality, our community is now filled with youthful energy, fostering a dynamic and inclusive living environment for everyone. Explore the possibilities of joining our diverse community today.

Community Social Housing

Rimoka Housing Foundation's communities are the best choice for vibrant living. Bringing people of all ages together, we foster connections, inclusivity, and a supportive atmosphere. Experience the enriching benefits of community living with us.


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Supportive Senior Living

The best part about living with us is that you will never feel alone. Our supportive senior living program is dynamic. Our lodges feature unique community environments, as well as dedicated and friendly staff. Residents receive low income housing and board, housekeeping and nutritious meals. Bring your own furnishings to make your new place feel like home.


retirement communities

Senior Apartment Living

In every phase of our life there’s change. When you are living in the golden years of your life, why compromise? Designed to cater to the needs of independent seniors, our apartments at Rimoka Housing Foundation are complete with amenities, personalized services and an environment that compliments senior living perfectly.

retirement communities

Adult Life Lease

At Rimoka Housing Foundation we take pride in providing housing to senior citizens without the hassle of renting or owning. Yes, you got that right! We provide senior life leasing options. This is a real estate arrangement, especially designed for senior citizens, to help them enjoy combined benefits.


Rent Subsidy For Housing

We know finances can a play a crucial role in Adult living. Therefore, low income housing is what we focus on. Our efforts are consistently driven towards programs that can provide rent subsidy and promote happy retirement communities and lifestyles. Talk to us about low income Adult housing options.